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Custom-tailored skills development

Individualized learning today, skills for the future.

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An investment in employee opportunities.

Identifying each individual’s skill set and setting a course toward upskilling or reskilling equips each employee with

  • The Ability to Adapt to New Technologies: Create a workforce that works effectively in evolving roles. 
  • Future-proofing the Workforce: As your organization continues to evolve, employees with updated skills are better equipped to handle changing demands and contribute to the organization's success. 
  • Innovation and Agility: Upskilling and reskilling programs foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the organization.
How thrive connects the dots

Thrive SkillsID and Upskilling

It all starts with a resume.

A Thrive SkillsID is created by using A.I. software to determine what skills a person has from reviewing an uploaded or saved resume within Thrive.


There are over 32,000 unique skills Thrive measures from hundreds of millions of online job postings, profiles, and resumes.

This data is used to develop a unique Thrive SkillsID using the Career Path Explorer tool.

The Career Path Explorer

Using a Thrive SkillsID in the Career Path Explorer tool, employees can explore recommended career paths as well as recommended upskilling courses to pursue their career goals.

An Overview

How does it work?

Thrive works with each individual to plot a course to a successful career path. 

We partner with world class organizations that specialize in skills development. This approach ensures that all types of learning are represented and are accessible to all.

Your Organization Will:

  • Reduce Churn & Increase Retention
    A commitment to employee growth and development is a commitment to your employees. 
  • Improve Employee Performance
    Identify high-potential employees and provide them with the training and resources to take on new or expanded roles. 

Each Individual:

  • Understands their next steps forward to upskilling and reskilling
  • Feels confident in taking on new responsibilities
  • Has a clear learning path to achieve their unique goals

Why Thrive Upskilling and Reskilling Programs? 

Employee performance is business growth.

Top Learning

Thrive partners with over 10 world-class learning service providers such as Coursera, LinkedIn, Udemy and more in order to offer the ultimate choice and flexibility.

Skill Set Mapping to
Career Path

Thrive’s A.I. enabled skills assessment identifies each individual’s learning opportunities to build a successful way forward. 

Customizable Learning for
Each Individual

Select which service package and program to give each individual (or group), and when.

Maintain Top
Brand Reputation

Providing learning and development opportunities will strengthen an organization's brand reputation with employees.

Testimonial Image

"I really liked the Coursera offerings. They were very interesting and were helpful with personal interests as well as professional development. I invested a fair bit of time into Coursera's offerings and I took a pragmatic approach: I boosted existing skills in my comfort zone with the Construction Management specialization.  I learned something new and in demand through the IBM Data Science specialization.  And with the Yale negotiation course, I worked on soft skills that are good in professional and personal life.  Overall it's been a great experience and I feel that I can put these skills to practical use in my day-to-day work."

Corey,  Previous Thrive Participant

Trusted by leading organizations globally.

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