Thrive Career Wellness Platform   helps people advance their careers

Career wellness ensures all individuals have access to the skills and resources to excel in their existing and future career goals.

We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about joining a growing company focused on helping people advance their careers.

About Us

We believe that having a job you love is one of the most important things in an individual's life.

We build software to help people advance their careers.

Career Wellness is about more than just getting your next job or promotion. We deeply care about our users’ career journeys and work to ensure they have access to great tools to help them Thrive.

Thrive is the first of its kind. It’s a marketplace for outplacement services combined with industry-leading, job-search management tools. It puts the focus back on what’s best for our clients and job seekers, which is right where we think it should be.

Our Values

Customer Centricity

We obsess over our customers and seek to understand them in order to solve their problems. We deliver work to stakeholders that spark joy and we deeply care about the people interacting with our team and products.

Individual Ownership

We take initiative to take on tasks as one's own. We make sure to see projects from start until completion, where the individual tasks contribute to the larger outcome. We don't wait on others to act, and we are accountable to the results that we see through.

Outcome Focused

We work to drive our mission forward. We constantly and ruthlessly re-evaluate current priorities. In doing so we are comfortable with changing priorities to better serve mission and outcomes.

Solution Oriented

We don't just identify and dwell on problems, we immediately seek to find potential solutions.  We take the initiative to identify required resources and information as needed to solve problems. We think critically while answering the "why" questions.

Growth Mindset

We are self motivated to improve daily work. We fearlessly tackle new challenges, and view them as learning opportunities. We get excited to bring new practices and ideas into reality in how we do our everyday work. We believe in continuous learning in and out of your role.

Empowering Others

Collaboration and coaching are part of how we get things done. We naturally educate and improve other people around us regardless of roles. We understand that personal achievements are not as important as the holistic mission and overall outcome.

Leadership Team

Doucet, CEO

Toye, CTO

Our team includes a wide range of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are a maker, innovator, thinker, builder, or anything in between - you can Thrive and excel.

Our Team

Partner Lead

Tamara Mago

Thrive's Tech Stack

Working at Thrive

  • Our corporate headquarters is a 10 minute walk from Union Station, in the heart of downtown Toronto.
  • Life at Thrive - Having a positive, collaborative and supportive relationship between all of our team members is important to us.
  • We offer all employees a comprehensive health and benefit plan.
  • All employees receive a fitness + learning and development stipend annually.
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