The Thrive Career Wellness Platform

Thrive is one integrated platform for all your business needs, while providing employees with ultimate choice and flexibility. Whether that is career transition, redeployment, or career management.

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We meet individuals where they are

Everyone's career journey is different and Thrive has tools, resources and live 1:1 support to help everyone growth within their career. Plus, we make it easy by providing flexible, user-centric business solutions for our clients. We call this our Thrive Approach.

THE Thrive approach

Career Journey Phases

Learn more about our methodology here.

Get Ready

Individuals need to understand their skill sets, what opportunities available, and how to advance their careers.


Next, they need access to tools and resources in order to enhance their career profile and develop their skill sets.


Finally, they are prepared to discover and execute on career opportunities including advancing within their current role.

Platform Software Tools

Software tools available to help empower individual career wellness and
advancement throughout every phase of their career journey

Career Path Explorer

Discover new career paths and view current skills gap analysis powered by A.I.

  • Search for any career/industry and gain insights on job demand, job postings, median salary
  • Localized labour market data by census metropolitan area and local census divisions
  • Receive learning recommendations in order to develop the required skills identified
  • Generate a unique SkillsID from an uploaded resume to explore recommended careers including a skills gap analysis

Career Marketplace

Individuals have ultimate choice and flexibility and can choose from more than 80 career services. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Flex Spend Tokens deposited as part of a Thrive program can be used in the marketplace to meet the unique needs of every person
  • Over 80 services including career coaching, modern learning platforms, and contemporary career services
  • Featuring over 10 different upskilling and reskilling learning providers such as Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning
  • Services not widely available from competitors, such as health and wellness, personal branding, entrepreneurship support

Resume Builder

Individuals can create professional looking resumes that are compliant with applicant tracking systems with ease

  • Build a professional resume using one of the resume templates or upload an existing one
  • Easily tailor resume versions for different job applications and export to PDF/Word docs
  • Build a Skills ID with a resume that has been created/uploaded to see a skills gap analysis
  • Receive step-by-step advice and guidance using the intuitive builder

Job Search Engine

Search for thousands of jobs directly within the platform

  • Job postings leverage API data from multiple job posting aggregators and job boards
  • View featured Thrive opportunities, which are posted by partners and customers of Thrive
  • Filter your search by location, date posted, salary, job type, workplace policy, and even job sources
  • View the original job posting or save the posting to the Thrive job tracker with one click

User Dashboard

Individuals have a view of their overall activity including important information about next steps, services they can access, and recommendations

  • Access welcome package services that are made available as part of the onboarding experience
  • Activity data includes job application metrics, recommended job postings, and more
  • Set up a to-do list and keep on top of priority action items including tracking recent contacts
  • Easily view and access marketplace services and previously accessed learning centre courses

Thrive Chrome Extension

Save job postings from virtually any job board

  • Saved jobs from the Thrive Chrome Extension
    can be viewed and managed in the job tracker
  • Instantly compare job postings with saved
    resumes directly on the job posting page

Job Tracker

Simplify job search management by tracking saved job opportunities

  • Saved jobs from the job search tool or chrome extension can be managed in the job tracker
  • Simple drag and drop user interface to easily track progress at every step of the job application
  • Automatically populate company info, and attach notes, cover letters and more
  • View career insights generated by the Career Path Explorer which uses real labour market data

Networking & Company Tracking Tools

Manage your companies and unlock the full potential of career wellness through networking

  • Manage contacts, search for events and discover networking opportunities
  • Find and manage local and digital career relevant events through the event search tool
  • Track additional info such as company details, contacts, notes, and cover letters
  • Import contacts and use the email builder templates based on the topic of conversation

Business Features

In addition, Thrive offers a full suite of business features to help empower you and your organization in supporting your employees on their career wellness journey.

Your Hub For All Things Thrive

The Client Portal gives you ultimate flexibility and choice, which allows you to support your employees when it works best for you.

  • Invite and manage your employees
  • Analyze trends and metrics including data on your employees' program
  • View anonymized testimonials and feedback
  • Easily access support to the Thrive Team via live chat, and a help-desk portal

Transparent Reporting

Thrive provides transparent reporting to ensure you meet your corporate requirements.

  • Wide range of reporting data is available
  • Activation, Usage, Spending, and many other categories of data can be included
  • View high level data and even request custom reports at a click of a button within the Client Portal

Integrate Your Systems

Thrive can integrate with your internal systems in order to meet any technical or security requirements.

Contact us to learn more how we can help.

    Custom Landing Pages

    Thrive can develop custom landing pages just for your organization and departing employees. For large scaled projects where there are many channels of communication, we can make it easy.

    • Easily direct affected employees to a tailored page
    • Include messaging and key information
    • Explain the Thrive programs made available to employees and have them register for access

    Employer Tools

    Thrive enhances the employer experience by making it easy to make job postings that are featured to the Thrive user-base. As an employer you will also be able to conduct a candidate search that filters and selects candidates based on their skills profile.

    • Recruiting Tools
    • Thrive Client Job Boards
    • Thrive Candidate Search

    How does a career wellness platform work?

    Deposit  for
    Thrive participant

    Thrive is flexible to your budget. You set the amount. (Starting at $500)

    Dollars converted to
    Flex Spend tokens

    Flex Spend tokens allow participants to spend on a wide range of Thrive Marketplace services.

    Participants choose the services they need

    Every individual has unique needs. Thrive offers them ultimate choice.

    Choose from more than 100 services
    from the Thrive Marketplace

    Think of Amazon - but for your career

    Career Coaching Services

    We have all the support services to help get you started.

    From resumes and cover letters to career coaching and interview prep.

    Modern Learning Platforms

    Upskilling and reskilling made easy.

    We offer innovative learning and development platforms such as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Codecademy, edX, Coursera, and more.

    Contemporary Career Services

    The other services you can't get from anyone else.

    Health and Wellness? Check.
    Personal Branding? Check.
    Entrepreneurship? Check.
    Public Speaking? Check.

    View Services
    • Career Transition Coaching
    • Executive Career Coaching
    • CareerExplore Assessments
    • Career Management Coaching
    • Interview Simulator & Preparation
    • Resume Review
    • Cover Letter Review
    • Resume & Cover Letter Writing Service
    • LinkedIn Critique
    • Mock Interviews
    • Online Seminars
    • And more...
    View Services
    • Coursera
    • Udemy
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • Domestika
    • Pluralsight
    • Codecademy Pro
    • Juno College
    • edX - Professional Certificate
    • edX - MicroMasters
    • edX - All Access
    • Orai - Public Speaking App
    • And more...
    View Services
    • Professional Headshot
    • Financial Planning Advice
    • Health Insurance Coverage
    • Business Cards
    • Looka A.I. Logo Design
    • Custom Website Development
    • Inkblot Therapy - Virtual Mental Health Counselling
    • Ownr - Incorporation Services
    • Startup Business Coaching
    • Small Business Coaching
    • Resume Translation Services
    • And more...

    Thrive Participant Learning Outcomes

    Upskilling is essential to the modern job search and is a critical step in advancing careers.

    Want to learn more about how individuals on Thrive have engaged with learning programs, including a dive into Coursera - one of the most popular learning platforms made available?

    Fill out our form to download the full document detailing what proficiencies learners are interested in, the top skills and masteries being acquired, and more.

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    World class services from industry experts

    Thrive Marketplace partners provide individuals with unparalleled access to over 80 services.

    Security is our priority.

    "Working in both the private sector (with SMBs to fortune 500 companies) and the public sector (with various levels of government programs) across the globe, operational practices around security are core to how we think about our customers and users' needs."

    Tristan Toye, Co-Founder and CTO

    Trusted by leading organizations globally.

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    Testimonial Image

    As an organization, we recognized the benefits of adopting a contemporary approach when it came to our career transition support. We chose Thrive because of the technology and its flexibility. The platform provides a much more customized transition experience for departing employees and better reflects their needs, ambitions, and goals. We are now able to offer more value to our exiting employees while experiencing cost-savings along with a high level of service and commitment to our needs.

    When it comes to Career Transition, Gallagher is setting a new industry standard with the Thrive Career Wellness Platform.

    Lead, People & Culture Specialists - Enerplus
    Testimonial Image

    We use Gallagher’s Career Transition services powered by Thrive because it gives our departing employees more control and personal choice over their experience. We are committed to offering self-serve technology-based solutions for our team, and most outplacement support does not align with this philosophy. There was immediate ROI in the first 30 days of use with almost 100% engagement, which confirmed it was a solution that was needed.

    Gallagher is a true partner who is open to feedback and continually looking for new services to add to the platform.

    Employee & Labour Relations Consultant, People & Culture - ATB Financial

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