Thrive Career Transition

Thrive Career Transition reduces your organization's risk, at the speed your changing organization needs.

People need a modern type of career transition service to navigate their outplacement.

Individual choice, flexibility, and an emphasis on upskilling and reskilling equip every job seeker with the tools needed to advance their career. We offer the best of both digital and traditional outplacement services.

How does
it work?

Thrive makes it easy to give your departing employees the support they need.

Select Deposit Amount

Thrive offers ultimate flexibility by allowing you to select your deposit amount per participant.

Get started for as low as $500.

Select Welcome Package

All participants have access to a standard welcome package which includes a 1:1 Onboarding Meeting, Resume Review, Learning Centre Content, and 12 Months of Platform Access.

Thrive also offers Welcome Packages with included coaching programs that can be preselected.

Invite Users

Easily invite and manage your participants on a schedule that works for you by using our self-serve Client Portal.

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Traditional Career Transition Providers
Program Flexibility
Entire Duration of
12 Months Standard
1-3 Months Average
1:1 Career
User Choice
Career Transition
70+ Services
Multiple Upskilling &
Learning Platforms
6+ Learning Platforms
Ongoing Support &
Engagement Touchpoints
Entire Duration
Resume Builder
Resume Review
Job Search & Career
Planning Resources
Integrated AI Powered
Job Search Tools

Participant Outcomes

Participant Net
Promoter Score

Our net promoter score is 68.
The industry average score is 28.

Increased Employer
Brand Perception

91% of candidates seek out at least one online or offline resource to evaluate a potential employer.

Strong Employer Relationships

Creating a positive experience to support departing employees is more important than ever.

Thrive Participant Learning Outcomes

Upskilling is essential to the modern job search and is a critical step in advancing careers.

Want to learn more about how individuals on Thrive have engaged with learning programs, including a dive into Coursera - one of the most popular learning platforms made available?

Fill out our form to download the full document detailing what proficiencies learners are interested in, the top skills and masteries being acquired, and more.

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Corporate Features

Thrive offers a full suite of corporate features to help empower you and your organization in supporting your employees on their career wellness journey.

Your Hub For All Things Thrive

The Client Portal gives you ultimate flexibility and choice, which allows you to support your employees when it works best for you.

  • Invite and manage your employees
  • Analyze trends and metrics including data on your employees' program
  • View anonymized testimonials and feedback
  • Easily access support to the Thrive Team via live chat, and a help-desk portal

Transparent Reporting

Thrive provides transparent reporting to ensure you meet your corporate requirements.

  • Wide range of reporting data is available
  • Activation, Usage, Spending, and many other categories of data can be included
  • View high level data and even request custom reports at a click of a button within the Client Portal

Integrate Your Systems

Thrive can integrate with your internal systems in order to meet any technical or security requirements.

Contact us to learn more how we can help.

    Custom Landing Pages

    Thrive can develop custom landing pages just for your organization and departing employees. For large scaled projects where there are many channels of communication, we can make it easy.

    • Easily direct affected employees to a tailored page
    • Include messaging and key information
    • Explain the Thrive programs made available to employees and have them register for access

    Features Launching

    Thrive is continuously developing new features that provide more value to your organization to better support your business needs.

    • Recruiting Tools
    • Thrive Client Job Boards
    • Thrive Candidate Search

    The need to enable individuals to fulfill
    their potential is clear.

    "The Deloitte 2021 Global Human Capital Trends survey found that executives believe that the number-one factor in being prepared to thrive in a world of perpetual disruption is the ability for workers to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles. Yet only 17% of those executives believe their workforce is ready to do so."

    Trusted by leading organizations globally.

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    Testimonial Image

    As an organization, we recognized the benefits of adopting a contemporary approach when it came to our career transition support. We chose Thrive because of the technology and its flexibility. The platform provides a much more customized transition experience for departing employees and better reflects their needs, ambitions, and goals. We are now able to offer more value to our exiting employees while experiencing cost-savings along with a high level of service and commitment to our needs.

    When it comes to Career Transition, Gallagher is setting a new industry standard with the Thrive Career Wellness Platform.

    Lead, People & Culture Specialists - Enerplus
    Testimonial Image

    We use Gallagher’s Career Transition services powered by Thrive because it gives our departing employees more control and personal choice over their experience. We are committed to offering self-serve technology-based solutions for our team, and most outplacement support does not align with this philosophy. There was immediate ROI in the first 30 days of use with almost 100% engagement, which confirmed it was a solution that was needed.

    Gallagher is a true partner who is open to feedback and continually looking for new services to add to the platform.

    Employee & Labour Relations Consultant, People & Culture - ATB Financial

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