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The platform solution was designed to support individuals with diverse needs, regardless of where they are in their careers.

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An accessible experience.

Thrive’s mission is to help people advance their careers.

In partnership with BDO, Thrive is committed to meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities and ensures that our platform is compliant with accessibility standards such Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level A and AA.

Thrive incorporates the results of accessibility audits and testing into the product roadmap. From the initial assessment, Thrive remediates all issues identified and continues to re-evaluate the platform.

How does Thrive provide an accessible experience?

Thrive Platform

  • Undergoes audits by a third party organization to ensure accessibility standards.
  • Utilizes accessible software to determine a combination of colours, contrast and textures to make the platform more user-friendly.

Thrive Career Coaches

  • Can perform functions on an individual’s behalf such as saving jobs, building and editing resumes, enrolling in learning opportunities and updating accounts.

Each Employee

  • Feels confident they are on the right track, and in applying for new roles.
  • Can utilize Thrive tools to identify opportunities to upskill and reskill.
  • Can benefit from accessible career transition support, and receive enhanced support if needed.

Why Thrive Services?

Accessibility Support

Career coaches can provide support to employees with accessibility needs and/or computer illiteracy by performing in-platform actions on their behalf.

Skill Set Mapping to Career Path

Thrive coaches perform a complete career mapping service, with enhanced upskilling learning opportunities which are custom-tailored to each individual. 

Tailored Learning for Each Individual

The flexible Thrive model allows you to provide tailored programs to give each individual (or group), by pre-selecting the learning platforms you'd like to provide, or leaving it to them to self-select what they need.

Maintain Top Brand Reputation

Providing comprehensive career transition support stands to strengthen an organization's brand reputation.

A look at coach control

Human Accessibility Support Enabled With Technology

What is
Coach Control?

This feature allows a coach to make actions in the platform on behalf of a Thrive participant.

  • Save job postings
  • Upload and edit resumes
  • and more!

Who does this support?

Although this feature is used to support all individuals using Thrive. We are able to specifically assist those who may have lower computer literacy, or may not have access to a device.

Enables better outcomes

Coach control enables better outcomes for all Thrive participants. Options for more guidance, direction, and input from coaches will allow for a better supported user experience.

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