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Thrive selected by the Government of Ontario to help connect Kingston-Pembroke job seekers to employers

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Thrive selected by the Government of Ontario to help connect Kingston-Pembroke job seekers to employers

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – September 27th, 2022

Thrive Career Wellness Inc. (Thrive), within a Consortium led by Serco Canada Inc. and partner Deloitte Inc., is pleased to announce that its one stop digital job search solution was part of a proposal selected by the Government of Ontario to create a new Employment Services Delivery Model for the Kingston-Pembroke Catchment as part of the province’s Employment Services Transformation (EST) program. This program was established to be locally responsive and client-centered to provide all eligible jobseekers with employment support, upskilling and connecting them with employment opportunities that result in meaningful long-term careers.

Beginning in January 2023, the Serco-led consortium will establish a transition period presence in the Kingston-Pembroke Area, working closely with the community and key stakeholders to build on and manage the employment services delivery network. While employment services are traditionally delivered onsite, Thrive’s will empower jobseekers in the region to opt-in towards being able to access fully digital employment support channels and enhance the work of employment service providers.

Thrive is a global leader in the digital employment services space, in the private sector its software has supported tens of thousands of workers and hundreds of employers in over eight countries. Thrive is the most active digital innovator in the public sector employment services space, with this project adding to Thrive’s existing partnerships with the Provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. Thrive hopes to particularly support jobseekers who were otherwise struggling to access onsite services due to geographic distance, lack of public transit, parenting, disabilities and other barriers.

In 2023, Jobseekers in Kingston-Pembroke will have the option to access a one-stop web portal where they will be guided to build their resumes, cover letters, search and save jobs across all major Canadian job boards, in addition to exploring a personalized directory of employment, upskilling and social support programs. The experience will be guided by insights from career coaches, live labor market data and AI algorithms to assist them in discovering and qualifying for the right opportunities. Lastly, Employers in Kingston-Pembroke will be free to use Thrive’s proprietary skill based matching technology to post jobs and be connected with jobseekers; with the system operating on a name-blind method to reduce social bias.

“Thrive is humbled by the opportunity to introduce jobseekers in the region to the Thrive Career Wellness platform, continuing our journey to help Canadians at any stage in their career improve job search outcomes,” said Jeffrey Doucet, CEO of Thrive Career Wellness Inc. “The job search market has largely migrated online, and we are eager to provide a modern solution within the Consortium that leverages from our experiences as a global career transition company to improve the digital experience of individuals looking to re-enter the labor market in the Kingston-Pembroke region.” added Doucet.

About Thrive Career Wellness Inc

Founded in Toronto, Thrive is a global software innovator, creating the first career wellness platform that empowers jobseekers to advance any stage of their career with a one-stop digital solution. Thrive aims to improve the job market outcomes by uniquely bringing together workers, employers, and service providers onto a single digital platform. It is active in over nine countries, supporting tens of thousands of jobseekers, hundreds of employers and employment services. In Canada, Thrive digitally powers public employment support systems in the Province of Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. Learn more at

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