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Thrive Has Reimagined the World of Outplacement

For nearly a decade Thrive has been delivering a better way to offer outplacement. Outplacement traditionally has been inflexible, expensive, and inaccessible.

Thrive redesigned the entire approach by offering a broad array of services and tools, giving departing employees more choice in how to prepare for and find their next job.

We now serve organizations of all sizes across public and private sectors, applying industry best practices to ensure successful outcomes when navigating the changing employment.

Why should you invest in outplacement?

Enhanced Talent Retention

65% of employees who remained after a layoff but knew others received support services viewed their employer in a positive light.

Improved Talent Attraction

74% said they would choose a job at a company that invests in their education and development over one that doesn't

Positive Offboarding Sentiment

77% of employees who received career transition support from their employer felt that losing their job was ultimately a positive experience

Handling layoffs without outplacement puts your brand and people at risk.

Lower Brand Sentiment

Poor brand sentiment from former employees can be detrimental for your reputation to customers, and appeal as an employer to prospective talent.

“83% surveyed said offering outplacement services to laid-off employees would improve their opinion on the organization.”

- The Harris Insights & Analytics Poll

Lower Job Satisfaction

Lowered job satisfaction and performance with remaining employees following a layoff can lead to high turnover and associated costs.

“Layoffs targeting just 1% of the workforce preceded, on average, a 31% increase in turnover”

- Harvard Business Review

Increased Legal Risk

Legal settlements from post-termination employer conduct can cost organizations between $5,000 - $80,000.

"72% decline in legal action by displaced employees for employers using outplacement services"

- Centre for Organizational Research

Thrive Works With Organizations Of All Shapes and Sizes

Small and Medium Business Services

Small & Midsize Business

< 1000 employees

  • Support departing employees
  • Improve your eNPS
  • Reduce legal risk

Thrive offers flexible outplacement solutions through our powerful digital platform. Tap into industry best practices, a proven workflow, and experienced support team to manage the challenges of layoffs.

Enterprise services


> 1000 employees

  • Protect your brand
  • Improve retention
  • Mitigate organizational risks

Thrive offers flexible outplacement solutions deployed at scale to support all of your enterprise needs from hourly employees to executives, and everyone in between. With enterprise-ready security, accessibility, and customizations, we are with you every step of the way.

Pubilc Sector services

Public Sector

  • Manage brand reputation
  • Mitigate legal risks
  • Navigate compliance needs

Thrive offers flexible outplacement solutions tailored for companies in the public sector. Simplify your processes and ensure you are providing the right support with our digital platform and array of services and tools.

Our Customers Love Thrive

With a leading NPS, industry awards, and accolades from our customers, the Thrive digital platform empowers people leaders and their employees.

74 score

Net Promoter Score


Best Service Provider of the Year

We use Thrive because it gives our departing employees more control and personal choice over their experience.
We are committed to offering self-serve technology-based solutions for our team, and most outplacement support does not align with this philosophy. There was immediate ROI in the first 30 days of use with almost 100% engagement, which confirmed it was a solution that was needed.
Thrive is a true partner who is open to feedback and continually looking for new services to add to the platform.

Employee & Labour Relations Consultant

People & Culture - ATB Financial

Thrive has a user friendly platform that allows users to easily select the type of service they would like to use.
I appreciate the flexibility of providing users with tokens so they can choose what they want to use it for. In addition, Thrive has an excellent account management team - they check in regularly, provide helpful data usage, and solicit feedback on how to improve the platform and user experience.
Review collected by and hosted on

Judy L.

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

5 stars
As an organization, we recognized the benefits of adopting a contemporary approach when it came to our career transition support. We chose Thrive because of the technology and its flexibility.
The platform provides a much more customized transition experience for departing employees and better reflects their needs, ambitions, and goals. We are now able to offer more value to our exiting employees while experiencing cost-savings along with a high level of service and commitment to our needs


Lead, People & Culture Specialists

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The Thrive Platform
for Outplacement

Thrive offers a broad array of tools and services catered to the outplacement needs of both the individual and the organization, resulting in greater choice, and better outcomes for all.


We work with you to provide out of the box, or customized solutions tailored for your needs. Support all types of employees, from hourly to executive, with the right tools, services and support, at any scale.


The only outcome that matters to us is your success. Our team goes above and beyond, and the results speak for themselves. Thrive has been trusted to support tens of thousands of job seekers from over 500 customers globally.


We deliver the insights and data you need. From high-level engagement analytics to custom reporting, we enable you make informed decisions on an ongoing basis.

Client Admin Portal

Our secure and intuitive interface lets your administrators manage your budget and outplacement programs 24/7.

access management screenshot

Access Management

Invite your employees, other admins, and manage all of your programs online, where and when you need.
metrics screenshot

Engagement Metrics

Get a clear picture of progress with adoption metrics, marketplace spending and satisfaction ratings.
testimonials screenshot

Participant Feedback

Get a clear picture of employee progress with adoption metrics, marketplace spending and satisfaction ratings.
chat screenshot

Live Chat & Resources

Access support with our self-serve help-desk, video walkthroughs or chat directly with our team.

Employee Portal

We help your departing employees navigate their career transition, by developing new skills, finding new roles, changing careers, or even starting their own business. Departing employees will get access to five different categories of tools and services through the Thrive marketplace based on the organization's budget.

  • AI-powered Resume Builder
  • Data powered Career Path Explorer
  • Skills-based Job Matching
  • Resume Critiques
  • Personalized Job Recommendations
  • Resume/Job Ad Keyword Comparison
  • Chrome Extension Job Tracker
  • Application Management Dashboard
  • Networking Event Search
  • Networking Email Templates
platform screenshot
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Coursera
  • Pluralsight
  • edX Professional Certificates
  • edX MicroMasters
  • Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp
  • Codecademy Pro
  • Udemy
  • Domestika
  • MasterClass
  • Corporate Finance Institute
  • Orai Public Speaking Training
learning platforms logos
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Senior Career Transition Coaching
  • Executive Career Transition Coaching
  • Career Management Coaching
  • SuccessFinder Assessment & Professional Debrief
  • Career Explore & Debrief
  • Interview Simulator & Preparation
  • Resume Critique Follow-Up
  • Resume & Cover Letter Review & Feedback
  • LinkedIn Critique and Feedback
  • Mastermind Networking Groups
  • Online Webinars & Workshops
  • My Interview Practice - Virtual Interview Simulator
  • InStage AI Mock Interviews
online career coaching
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching
  • Professional Headshots
  • Business Cards & Design Services
  • Looka Logo Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Pagecloud Website Builder
  • Ownr - Incorporation Services
  • Business Startup Financial Planning
  • Becoming A Consultant Workshop
platform screenshot
  • Inkblot Therapy - Mental Health Counselling
  • Canada Life Health Insurance Coverage
  • Howatt HR Mental Fitness Lab
  • Calm App Subscription
  • Financial Transition Planning
  • MindShift CBT App
  • Managing Emotions During Job Transitions Webinar
  • MasterClass Wellbeing & Mindfulness Courses
platform screenshot

Positive Outcomes For People In Career Transition

We prioritize the well-being and success of the people we support by providing unmatched service and support that starts with empathy.

Read about Blair's career transition story as an HR professional navigating his own outplacement.

Discover how Remy navigated his career transition with confidence and clarity, with the support of Thrive.

Read about Jacqueline's experience and first impressions of the Thrive platform.

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