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Digital Accessibility: From Roadblocks to Runways

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Digital Accessibility: From Roadblocks to Runways

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month in Canada, where over 6.2 million individuals, or nearly 22% of the population, navigate life with a disability, each with their unique dreams, aspirations, and challenges.

While the digital age has transformed many aspects of our lives, for these individuals, it has also led to new challenges. In the realm of job searching, these challenges are only amplified.

At Thrive, we believe everyone deserves equal access to career opportunities, and it’s this belief that drives our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

The Cost of Inaccessibility

Beyond the numbers lie human stories. Each of those 6.2 million Canadians has career aspirations and personal dreams. Yet, the barriers they face in the job search process often overshadow their potential.

McKinsey's recent article highlights a stark reality: the digital divide excludes a significant portion of the global population, including those with visual impairments. This is not just a barrier for these individuals; but affects businesses and society at large too.

Companies that overlook digital accessibility stand to lose an estimated $6.9 billion annually. More than the monetary loss, however, is the loss of potential, creativity, and diverse perspectives that is truly devastating.

Thrive Technology Enabling Empathy

Understanding the human side of the challenge, Thrive introduced Coach Control. This feature isn't just about the co-pilot technology; it's about empathy.

It empowers service providers, caseworkers, and coaches to assist job seekers with disabilities, ensuring they're not left behind in the digital age. From saving jobs to building resumes, Coach Control offers a tailored approach that puts the job seeker first.

What is Coach Control?

Coach Control is a unique feature of the Thrive platform designed to empower service providers, caseworkers, and coaches. It allows these professionals to assist job seekers directly, especially those with accessibility needs, ensuring they can fully utilize the platform's capabilities. By providing a co-pilot experience, Coach Control bridges the gap between technology via human touch, making the job search journey smoother and more personalized.

  • Direct Action: Coaches can perform actions on behalf of job seekers, such as saving jobs and tracking progress. This enables coaches to provide a customized experience based on individual needs.
  • High Engagement: With hands-on support, job seekers remain engaged and motivated throughout their search. Coaches can assist individuals at every step of their career, from building and editing resumes to saving jobs.
  • Better Outcomes: Coaches and job seekers team up to explore suitable careers tailored to the individual's skills and aspirations. It simplifies the process of accessing services, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

For individuals with accessibility needs, navigating the digital job search landscape can be challenging. Coach Control offers a solution by pairing them with an expert coach who acts as a co-pilot, guiding them every step of the way.

Real Stories, Real Impact from Thrive's Pilot Program

Our commitment to accessibility is rooted in real stories.

One of our users, an individual with visual impairment, was able to navigate the Thrive platform using a screen reader, independently activating their account and uploading their resume with speech-to-text. Another user was impressed that Thrive can export a CSV file from the job tracker, an important feature for visually impaired individuals when applying. These stories underscore the profound impact of accessibility and the difference it can make in individuals' lives.

The Broader Implications of Accessibility in HR Tech

Beyond the digital realm, the real-world implications of accessibility are profound. Marginalized, underrepresented, and disabled populations often face barriers that go beyond the screen. For HR leaders, understanding these challenges isn't just a business imperative; it's a call to empathy and action. As the labor market tightens, tapping into this traditionally overlooked segment isn't just good for business—it's good for society.

Thrive's Commitment to Accessibility

At Thrive, we see beyond numbers and data. We see individuals, each with their unique strengths and challenges. Our platform is designed with this human-centric approach in mind.

From colour and contrast optimizations for those with visual impairments to intuitive navigation for all, we're committed to ensuring every user feels valued and supported.

  • Colour & Contrast: Visually impairment exists on a spectrum, and could include a combination of limitations. The Thrive platform uses a combination of colours, contrast, and textures to ensure every population can have a positive experience.
  • Headings & Alt Tags: Individuals living with partial vision loss or blindness often use screen readers to consume information presented on a given page. All visual elements and headings must be identified properly to convey this information, something Thrive is deeply committed to.
  • Eliminating Bias: Removing barriers to accessibility also means taking any potential biases out of the equation, that could potentially result in unfair differential treatment. In our candidate search employer tools, we exclude all personal information that could illicit bias to ensure our user's resumes are judged solely on merit.

The Future of Accessible HR Tech

The future of work is about more than just technology; it's about people. At Thrive, we're committed to shaping a future where every individual, regardless of their challenges, has an equal shot at success.

Learn how Thrive empowers individuals with accessibility needs to find their next opportunity by speaking with our team today.

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