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A Modern Approach to
Workforce Development

Employment services and workforce development need to evolve to meet the needs of the entire labour market ecosystem especially in today's world of work.

That's why our workforce solutions have been chosen by governments, employment service providers, workforce planning agencies, and human service agencies to help deliver great outcomes and connect jobseekers, employers, and employment service providers.

Thrive drives great outcomes with its employment services solutions

Accessible. Anytime. Anywhere.

The online platform approach was designed with accessibility in mind. Job seekers have options and don't have to wait in order to access services and tools for their employment search.

Comprehensive Upskilling Solutions

A wide array of courses and training programs are integrated into the platform, and can be tailored to various industries and skill levels. This includes private partners and publicly funded training services.

Career Coach Hub

The heroes of employment services are the career coaches. Thrive has software built intentionally for career coaches to increase productivity, increase quality of one-on-one support, and enable them to spend their time on the most important activities: 1 on 1 interventions with job seekers.

AI Job Search Augmentation

AI driven job search tools cut down the time and work for job seekers and career coaches. Build a resume in minutes not hours. Track and get notified about job opportunities in your community or around the country.

Data-Driven Insights for Providers & Agencies

Track the progress and success rates of your employment programs with our robust analytics. Gain insights into job seeker engagement and activity, monitor job placement rates, and identify areas for improvement to continuously refine your strategies.

Experts In Government Deployment

We've successfully deployed Thrive Employment Services Systems for a  variety of governments across multiple continents and jurisdictions. Thrive is built to meet all government security and compliance requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers, their users, and their data.

Transforming Government
Employment Services

Digital Employment Services Delivery

Thrive partners with all levels of government with a mandate to develop and improve infrastructure for digital delivery transformation of employment services.

government services

Empowering Frontline Service Providers

Thrive provides out of the box, or customized solutions tailored to support employment service providers and their case workers. From white-labeling to implementation support, our platform can be self-maintained, and self-administered.

Modular Enterprise Integrations

Digital Labour Exchange

Thrive offers solutions that are fully customized for deployments and integrations into existing/new government or third party systems. 
We feature a vast modular menu of Thrive software functionalities that are available for subcontracting, teaming, and consortium models.

Our Customers Love Thrive

With a leading NPS, industry awards, and accolades from our customers, the Thrive digital platform empowers people leaders and their employees.

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The Thrive Platform for Employment Services

Thrive offers a broad array of tools and services catered to the needs of both the individual job seeker, the employer, and employment service providers, resulting in greater choice, and better outcomes for all.

Built For Large Deployments

Thrive has worked with government and large enterprise deployments across multiple jurisdictions, customizing the experience for administrators and job seekers. The Thrive platform includes an array of industry leading tools and services aimed at supporting skills development and career transitions at every stage of the career journey.


The only outcome that matters to us is the success of your people. Our team goes above and beyond, and the results speak for themselves. Thrive has been trusted to support tens of thousands of job seekers from over 500 customers globally.

& Reporting

Thrives securely tracks the activities of job seekers on the system, ensuring that outcomes are measured and available for comprehensive reporting. All user data is encrypted and stored securely, and Thrive is audited to meet SOC2 compliance requirements.

Admin Portal

Our secure and intuitive interface lets administrators and case-workers manage programs 
and people 24/7.

access management screenshot

Access Management

Invite and manage your staff, job seekers, and employer partners through an accessible digital portal.
Case Tracking Screenshot

Case Activity Tracking

Real-time insights and analytics on job seeker progress 
and outcomes.
API Integrations Screenshot

API Integrations & Custom Reports

All user activity data is aligned with existing reporting and program management frameworks.
CoPilot Controls Screenshot

Co-Pilot Controls

Support job seekers with various levels digital access by allowing case workers to perform activities on behalf of them.

Employer Portal

Our secure and intuitive interface to access a range of employer tools for their hiring needs such as the The Talent Exchange.

job posting screenshot

Job Posting

Upload or create job postings. These posts are available as a feed for job seekers within the onsite job aggregator.
Skills screenshot

Job Post Skills Identification

Thrive translates each job post into a set of skills and allows employers to manually update the skill requirement from its database of over 32,000 skills.

AI Powered Skills Matching

A skill-based candidate search feature allows employers to match job posts against a name-blind entire database of job seeker resumes. They can also manually search for keywords against the database.
Candidates Pipeline screenshot

Candidate Pipeline

Save and organize eligible candidate profiles into an onsite pipeline feature to mirror recruitment platforms. Job Seekers can also be communicated with via onsite email features.

Job Seeker Portal

We help individuals develop job search skills, navigate the labour market, access employment service providers resources, and connect to training and development programs.

  • AI-powered Resume Builder
  • Data powered Career Path Explorer
  • Skills-based Job Matching
  • Resume Critiques
  • Personalized Job Recommendations
  • Resume/Job Ad Keyword Comparison
  • Chrome Extension Job Tracker
  • Application Management Dashboard
  • Networking Event Search
  • Networking Email Templates
job search screenshot
  • Regional Employment Support Services
  • Labour Market Information
  • Social & Cultural Support Networks
  • Mental wellness support
  • Publicly funded training and education providers
  • AI-Powered Career Path Explorer to identify skill gaps, and navigate career opportunities
  • Access the latest government demand and supply data
  • Mapped to national and international skills and jobs frameworks
  • 58000 job occupations + 32000 skills
career navigation screenshot
  • Inkblot Therapy - Mental Health Counselling
  • Canada Life Health Insurance Coverage
  • Howatt HR Mental Fitness Lab
  • Calm App Subscription
  • Financial Transition Planning
  • MindShift CBT App
  • Managing Emotions During Job Transitions Webinar
  • MasterClass Wellbeing & Mindfulness Courses
placement assistance screenshot

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