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Thrive Named One of Canada’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

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Canadian Business and the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship has named Thrive as one of Canada’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies.

Now in its second year, the Canadian Business Innovation Awards celebrate trailblazing companies that are pushing their industries forward and challenging the status quo.

We are humbled to be able to attend the awards ceremony where fellow organizations who are also creating innovative products and services were recognized and celebrated.

“It’s been a really exciting few years at Thrive, and we’re just getting started! Looking forward to supporting even more employers, and their employees, in the years to come.”

  • Connor McGee, Business Development Manager

The list of the top 50 companies will also be featured in the Summer 2023 issue of Canadian Business magazine, where the award-winning publication will profile the ways that these 50 homegrown success stories are making Canada—and the rest of the world—a truly vibrant, thriving place.

Innovation has always been at the forefront of Thrive’s mission to help people advance their careers. Through building cutting edge software, while leveraging the latest technologies, Thrive has been able to offer an innovative solution for both private and public/government organizations to provide the career transition support that today’s employees need. 

The emergence of cutting-edge tools, such as ChatGPT, represents far more than a mere fad. Rather, these tools are set to revolutionize the way that businesses operate, and the impact they will have is certain to be profound. Given the transformative potential of AI, it is imperative that both human resource leaders and organizational executives take proactive steps to navigate this new terrain, leveraging the latest innovative solutions, as well as advancements in technology to optimize their workforce planning and management strategies.

The impacts of AI tools are only just beginning, and the future of work that has been rapidly changing will continue on its course. That is why Thrive and its comprehensive one-stop digital platform aims to provide organizations with tools they need to help their employees. 

We are proud to support hundreds of companies in Canada and around the world navigate career transition support for their employees.

Our team would love to chat about how Thrive can help your organization with career transition, internal redeployments, or career management to upskill your employees. 

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