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Thriving Through Transition: Paul's Journey with Thrive

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Thriving Through Transition: Paul's Journey with Thrive

After 35 years of dedicated service as a Branch Manager, Paul Bennett found himself at a crossroads. Let go from a role he had molded over decades, Paul faced the daunting task of re-entering the job market. However, his employer invested in Paul’s future success by offering him an outplacement program with Thrive.

Rediscovering His Potential

Paul’s journey with Thrive began with an important realization - the immense value of his extensive experience. Through targeted career coaching, Paul leaned on Thrive’s experts to redefine his professional identity. He participated in a series of webinars that helped him master the job search process, perfect his resume and grow his network.

Thrive was a great resource. Career coaching; Online courses; help with my resume and interviews. When you are let go from a job ones head space needs work. Thrive allowed me to see value in what I had for experience. They helped get my headspace right so that I could move forward in my career path with confidence.

A Tailored Experience with Thrive

Unlike previous transitions, where feedback was scarce and impersonal, Paul was particularly impressed by Thrive’s distinctly personal touch. This approach contrasted sharply with his past experience, which focused on placement rather than personal and professional growth.

Other agencies didn't really ever give feedback. They lacked in the personal approach. They were more interested in finding a placement as opposed to upgrading me so that I was a very good candidate.

A future paved with opportunities

Paul’s engagement with Thrive culminated in a significant and immediate outcome. After attending coaching sessions, webinars and interview preparation sessions, Paul nailed his first interview and is awaiting a job offer, optimistic about what lies ahead.

I am awaiting a job offer after only one interview. Nailed it, thanks to Thrive.

Why choose Thrive?

Paul’s story with Thrive is a testament to our commitment to fostering a journey of professional growth. Our approach equips professionals like Paul with the tools, support and clarity needed to tackle today’s challenging job landscape. We ensure every individual, irrespective of their career stage, can look forward to a fulfilling and successful future.

Thrive empowers departing employees with the support they need to navigate their career transition journeys and represents your commitment to the future of all employees, reinforcing your reputation as a supportive and forward-thinking employer.

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