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Thriving Through Transition: Lisa's Journey with Thrive

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Thriving Through Transition: Lisa's Journey with Thrive

Lisa Wise, a senior marketing advisor, was initially skeptical about outplacement. As someone who has never participated in outplacement before, her first encounter with career transition services was through Thrive. From her very first login, her skepticism transformed into enthusiasm. With Thrive as her guide, Lisa is navigating her career transition with clarity, confidence and support to redefine the path forward.

Can you tell us about your previous job? What was your role like?

I was a senior marketing advisor working in a corporation selling retail home energy.

Have you been through an outplacement process before?

This is my first time being through an out placement process. To be honest when I first heard about it when I was laid off, I was a bit skeptical. But seeing as I didn’t have a job entertain me anymore, I thought why not login and see what it’s all about. From the minute, I logged into Thrive, I was super impressed. It is very user-friendly, and I was blown away with how much there is that I can benefit from. I signed up for the head shots immediately and had a very good experience there. I’m so thankful for the résumé builder and the platform to apply for jobs and manage the whole process.

How did Thrive help you in your career transition?

I just started using Thrive, but I have already used the résumé builder and received head shots. Both of those experiences were excellent. The résumé builder is super cool and easy to use. My contact person, Fab, was also excellent in the on boarding session because he highlighted several really valuable other sessions and support resources that I’m definitely going to use.

Would you recommend Thrive to others who are going through career transitions? Why?

I would definitely recommend Thrive to anyone going through a career transition! I never thought I’d say this, but I feel so lucky to have been laid off because I get access to Thrive! What a great platform! Fab also did a great job of getting right to the point and giving me insights and recommendations. Super cool. Thank you so much!

Do you have any other comments and feedback about Thrive, our platform features, our team, or marketplace services?

I’ve been really surprisingly overwhelmed in a positive way with how great Thrive is. During the meeting when I was laid off, the HR contact told me that Thrive was awesome but I was skeptical. I had never used a service like this before. But much to my pleasant surprise, when I logged in I was immediately impressed with Thrive. I find it very user-friendly, full of resources that are actually helpful and unlike anything I’ve seen before. I actually asked my consultant if I could pay to be a member of Thrive in the future when I’m job searching again, even if I’m not laid off

Why choose Thrive?

At Thrive, our mission is to help people move their careers forward. We strive to empower every job seeker to navigate their career path with precision and excellence. Lisa Wise’s journey from uncertainty to empowerment, highlights not only her dedication to personal growth and professional development but also the transformative potential of our career wellness platform, designed with the individual’s success at the forefront.

Thrive is dedicated to enriching the careers of every individual using the platform with innovative software tools, personalized support, and empathetic care. Book a demo today, or reach out to our team at for more information on how Thrive can help bridge the gap to the next opportunity for your outgoing employees.

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