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Thrive and AI: Building the next generation of outplacement

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Marissa Spinello
Thrive and AI: Building the next generation of outplacement

At Thrive, we're harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower job seekers and employers with a personalized experience.  

As skill requirements and job markets evolve, job seekers need better ways to align their capabilities with market demands. AI has the potential to streamline this process, from resume creation to the interview, helping bridge the gap to the next opportunity faster than ever. 

Why does Thrive use AI?

Our AI-powered tools are designed to augment, not replace, the personalized support provided by the career wellness platform. The combination of best-in-class technology and high-touch human interaction at Thrive ensures every individual receives a tailored experience. Here is how Thrive uses AI to better support the job seeker experience:  

  • Individualized Career Pathways: The Thrive platform leverages AI to provide job seekers with precise and current information and trends in their region based on their desired career paths. We provide real-world labour market data to deliver insights into prospective job titles and trends while making recommendations on required skills to keep up with market demand. 
  • AI-Enabled Resume Tools: Creating and customizing a resume for each job application is time-consuming.  Thrive allows job seekers to quickly build Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant resumes by entering a few quick details.  The AI-enabled Resume Builder optimizes each resume to align with industry-specific keywords and job descriptions, enhancing the visibility and impact of resumes.
  • Skills Identification: Thrive offers solutions from hiring to outplacement. We utilize AI to match the skills parsed from an employer’s open roles with skills taken from uploaded job seeker resumes within the Thrive Talent Pool. Our approach supports the skills-based method of hiring, removing any inherent bias from the recruiting process. 

As we continue to advance our technology, our unwavering commitment to AI's accuracy, safety, and ethical use remains at the forefront. We are dedicated to continually enhancing these tools to meet the highest reliability and responsible usage standards. In the next section, let's delve into the potential risks associated with AI in outplacement services as we address these challenges head-on and ensure our solutions lead in innovation, trust, and safety.

Managing Potential Risk

As we push the boundaries of AI to redefine outplacement, we are acutely aware of the delicate balance between innovating at the speed of business and responsibly managing the inherent risks associated with new technology. While AI offers unprecedented advantages in efficiency and personalization, it also presents challenges that must be carefully navigated to protect our users, the organizations that support them and their data.


AI-driven tools rely heavily on data to make predictions and suggestions. However, if the underlying data is flawed or the algorithms are not finely tuned, there is a risk of generating inaccurate job recommendations or career advice. Such inaccuracies can mislead job seekers, potentially steering them towards unsuitable roles or unrealistic career paths, prolonging their job search and negatively impacting their career progression. 

Thrive is deeply committed to the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), recognizing AI technologies' profound impact on individuals' career journeys. This commitment is rooted in fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy. Thrive ensures that its AI-driven features, such as resume parsing and enhancement, adhere to these ethical standards by implementing rigorous data security measures, respecting user consent, and maintaining transparency about how AI is used within its platform. 

Security and Privacy

The use of AI necessitates handling vast amounts of personal and professional data from job seekers. This raises concerns regarding the security and privacy of such information. Inadequate data protection can lead to breaches, exposing sensitive personal information and potentially harming the reputation and trustworthiness of the service provider. 

At Thrive, we empower our users with complete control over their documents. Users can modify, delete, or choose whether to share their resumes with recruiting employers on Thrive Talent Exchange. Resumes are searchable using skills and keyword matching. User information, such as name, email, address, etc., is not shared with employers unless enabled explicitly by users. This autonomy ensures that users' participation in our platform is always at their discretion, aligning with our commitment to respect and protect user privacy.

The Impact of AI on the Job Market

The impact of AI on the job market is becoming increasingly evident, particularly with the integration of generative AI technologies into everyday workflows. These advancements are not just changing the way we work but are also reshaping the employment landscape at a fundamental level.

The implications of these technologies for the labour market are profound. McKinsey's research suggests that the percentage of work hours susceptible to automation could increase significantly with the integration of generative AI. By 2030, up to 30% of the tasks performed today might be automated, compared to previous estimates of about 21.5% without generative AI. 

As the job market evolves, supporting workers in transition is crucial. Effective career support, upskilling and career pathing services will be essential to help individuals adapt to new roles. For companies like Thrive, this means developing AI tools that augment and accelerate the job search process for everyone. 

As AI continues to advance, it is crucial for stakeholders across the public and private sectors to collaborate on strategies that maximize the benefits of AI while mitigating its risks. By embracing AI as a tool for enhancement rather than displacement, we can ensure a future where technology supports economic growth and personal development in the workforce.

The Future of Outplacement is Here

Integrating AI throughout the career journey is a step towards more personalized and empowering support. As we look ahead, Thrive will continue to innovate and adapt our career wellness platform to meet the evolving needs of job seekers and organizations. 

Thrive AI tools, combined with our commitment to privacy, accuracy, and security, ensure that every individual is supported through their career transition with the highest standards of service and integrity.

The future of outplacement is here, and we are proud to lead the way.

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