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Introducing Career Path Explorer

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Introducing Career Path Explorer

The talent management marketplace is a dynamic environment that is always responding to the changing needs of both organizations and employees. The rapid nature of these changes makes it particularly difficult for job seekers to gain an accurate understanding of a role, responsibilities and industry as a whole.

The majority of job seekers gather information about employers from popular job boards where data is self-reported and seldom verified. This information isn’t always accurate and up-to-date, leading to misalignment between employee and employer expectations. 

Thrive is excited to offer a new feature to help your organization’s departing employees navigate their next career steps. The Career Path Explorer is designed to ensure your departing employees are equipped with the tools to help them navigate a career transition. Supported by AI and big data analytics, individuals can discover new career opportunities, identify similar roles across various industries, explore if their desired career path is growing, as well as which skills can help them advance their careers. The Career Path Explorer provides actionable insights rooted in timely and verifiable data leading to more accurate talent matching and can be leveraged by job seekers in a number of ways…

How Career Path Explorer Supports Job Seekers

Career Path Explorer combines a variety of tools and resources to help your employees manage their career transition with insight and confidence. 

Labour Market Insights

Preview of the Labour Market Insights Card

By analyzing aggregated real-world job postings backed by leading data scientists in the field, Career Path Explorer is able to provide an ever-evolving picture of how careers fit into a rapidly changing employment landscape.

Individuals can search for Labour Market Insights for different regions across Canada. This way, they can easily compare other locations either nearby, or across the country.

Job Recommendations

Preview of the Job Recommendations Section

Every search features live postings as individuals explore job data to ensure they can easily take action as soon as they feel informed about the path they are pursuing. Individuals will also be able to explore additional postings in our Job Search tool.

Similar Roles & Top 5 Job Titles

A Preview of the Top 5 Job Titles Card

Career Path Explorer leverages AI to analyze and rank direct advancement opportunities as well as near-field career transitions for individuals to explore. Thrive participants are able to identify similar roles and job titles across various industries that share similar skill requirements, opening our users to explore a wider variety of career paths.  

Skills Analysis

A Preview of the Career Skills Analysis Card

By capturing career history context as individuals interact with Thrive, Career Path Explorer can start to learn about their unique skills profile and use it throughout their journey to improve insights. Our skill gap analyses allow individuals to understand at a glance - overlaps of transferable skills and deeper knowledge about in-demand skills to develop. 

Where does the data come from?

Thrive has partnered with leading data provider Lightcast (formed through a recent merger between leading labour data providers EMSI and Burning Glass) to source timely, accurate and comprehensive labour market and job posting data. The data is collected from government sources, applicant profiles and hundreds of millions of job postings created by employers. We interpret this data using AI and predictive analytics to provide critical insights about the market to users and inform their career transition decisions.

Thrive is paving the way for better career development services to support employees in their career transition journey. Career Path Explorer is helping your departing workforce progress forward in a rapidly evolving talent marketplace and is at the heart of our mission. This new feature addresses the clear need for an integrated career management solution to support candidates at every step of their job search with the tools, resources and insights they need to successfully navigate their career transition.

As your partners in career development solutions, we go beyond implementing solutions and ensure organizations achieve their desired outplacement outcomes with the same high-touch support we provide to every Thrive user. If you are an HR leader looking to equip your departing workforce with an integrated career management solution, we would be delighted to share with you how Thrive is growing to serve your employees’ changing employment and career advancement needs. Book a call to learn more about the Career Path Explorer and how Thrive can help more of your employees. 

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