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Frank's Story

Frank joined Thrive in 2020, and as an executive who engaged with outplacement services in the past, he felt other programs were not tailored to his needs and took up valuable time that could be used for research, upskilling and applying for jobs. He quickly realized that Thrive was unlike any other outplacement program on the market today and with the support of our client services, he was able to land his next opportunity successfully.

What was your previous role?
The role was as a Global Director Group Product Management and it was a fascinating experience that allowed me to enable capabilities for customers and business partners to make their lives better and deliver exceptional value and experiences. I was lucky to manage the collaboration between engineering, product, UI/UX, and our internal & external customers for multiple international markets.

Have you ever been through an outplacement process before?
Yes, I had been through an outplacement process and it was never something that I perceived as helpful. I even felt like it was taking the time that I could be using to learn new skills, make new connections or continue looking for a new job. Thrive has been a remarkable experience in many ways. From the beginning, I was welcomed to the platform by an amazing and kind Client Services Specialist who showed genuine interest in helping me during this transition. At the same time, she was very clear in terms of all the different perks I had access to, which are easily accessible via the Thrive platform. This made a huge difference as well. It's a self-serve menu with a great, easy-to-use/consume interface where you can select a wide variety of options to improve your search, skills, knowledge, visibility, network, etc. Another key aspect to highlight is that you decide all the time! You dictate your pace, your selections, where you want to focus, and when. And with their tokens management system, you can administer your budget and stay on top of it all the time.

How did Thrive help you in your career transition?
Thrive helped me with the basics and more. Let's start with the basics; Resume critique, LinkedIn critique & optimization, Practice Interview sessions. This is where I spend most of my time as your resume and LinkedIn profile are, in my view, your strongest assets when looking for a job. The professionals available to you via Thrive are diverse which allows you to find a fit in terms of the field(s) that you want to focus on. I needed someone with good product management understanding in the retail & CPG/FMGC area and was able to find 2 and then decide who was the best fit! In addition, I went through “Entrepreneurship Coaching - The Entrepreneur's Journey” which was a great experience that gave me the tools to assess and identify opportunities to set up a business and its feasibility.

Would you recommend Thrive?
Yes! Going above and beyond! This is the only way I can describe what the team did to support my transition efforts. I was in a particular situation, requiring support for an activity that was not part of the platform and services. I reached out to my amazing Client Services Specialist and she (with the support of her team) made a couple of exceptions to support me with my particular ask. This exception led me to land my next step. Not every day you find this type of flexibility and openness. The fact that Thrive decided to support me meant one thing for me... "Thrive is genuinely committed and dedicated to helping me make the best of my career transition"

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