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Empowering Creativity: Domestika Made Available With Thrive

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Empowering Creativity: Domestika Made Available With Thrive

Technological advancements and AI are redefining the future of work for everyone, and like all industries, the creative sector is not immune to the winds of change.

Creatives, artists, and visionaries shape our culture and bring innovation to our world, and at Thrive, we want to empower all creative professionals to succeed in the future of work.

That’s why we are proud to announce that Domestika, the world’s fastest-growing community, and learning and development platform for creatives is now made available through the Thrive marketplace. Individuals on Thrive with Flex Spend tokens can redeem them for access, similarly to the other 8 learning and development platforms already on the marketplace.

Together, we are championing the creative spirit and ensuring they remain at the forefront of their craft, even in the face of technological shifts.

The Creative Industry: the unsung heroes of innovation

Thrive's foundation is built on the understanding that modern career support should be dynamic, personalized, and flexible. We provide a platform that resonates with the aspirations and objectives of today's professionals, guiding them toward a brighter career future.

Domestika’s dedication to the creative industry, learning excellence, and continuous growth, resonates deeply with our mission and has paved the way for this partnership. As a hub for creative minds, Domestika offers a plethora of online courses taught by expert professionals in design, art, and creativity. Their commitment to fostering a global community of creatives reflects our dedication to career wellness and growth.

A Future Where Creativity Meets Career Wellness

The decision to make Domestika available for individuals on Thrive is rooted in a shared vision. A vision for a future where creativity is celebrated and all creative professionals are empowered to thrive in their careers.

We are excited about the endless possibilities this partnership brings and together, we hope to inspire and educate individuals to achieve their career aspirations and unleash their creative potential.

Learn more about our approach to career wellness, and how Thrive is supporting organizations to empower their employees at every step of their careers at

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