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Corey's Story

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Corey's Story

Corey Aurala, a Senior Construction Manager who managed a $750 million contract to construct civil works on a new hydroelectric facility, recently shared his experience using the Thrive career wellness platform.

When asked about his experience, Corey shared that he had never been through outplacement before, but he took advantage of Thrive's services to update his resume, LinkedIn profile, and professional skills.

What sets Thrive apart from other career transition programs?

According to Corey, the Coursera offerings were a standout feature. He boosted his existing skills with the Construction Management specialization, learned something new and in-demand through the IBM Data Science specialization, and worked on soft skills with a negotiation course from Yale, before successfully landing his next role in Australia.

Here is what Corey had to say...

How did Thrive help you in your career transition?
Resume update and LinkedIn profile support. I had neglected these and took advantage of coaching offered by Thrive. I also did several courses via Coursera. It was very helpful.

Would you recommend Thrive to others who are going through career transitions?
Yes. I think that they offer many services of benefit to people in transition; particularly those that may not have a solid network of people to leverage in the job market.

Do you have any other comments and feedback about Thrive?
I really liked the Coursera offerings. They were very interesting and were helpful with personal interests as well as professional development. I invested a fair bit of time into Coursera's offerings and I took a pragmatic approach: I boosted existing skills in my comfort zone with the Construction Management specialization.  I learned something new and in demand through the IBM Data Science specialization.  And with the Yale negotiation course, I worked on soft skills that are good in professional and personal life.  Overall it's been a great experience and I feel that I can put these skills to practical use in my day-to-day work.

Corey's positive experience is just one example of how Thrive can make a difference in your employees' careers.

Thrive's goal is to provide your employees with the support, guidance and opportunities they need to successfully navigate their career transition. Whether you're looking to offer a modern career transition program to your workforce, or improve an existing one, Thrive offers a wide range of services to help your employees manage their careers with confidence.

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