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Career Path Explorer

Thrive users have a clear understanding of their ideal role and what it takes to get there.

Career Path Explorer was designed to give Thrive participants access to actionable insights into the labour market and better support them along their own unique career paths.

The majority of job seekers today gather information about roles from popular job boards where data is self-reported and seldom verified. This information isn’t always accurate and leads to misalignment between employee and employer expectations.

Career Path Explorer establishes clear competencies for every role and seniority to help people understand where they are and where to improve. It aggregates real-world job data (backed by leading data scientists in the field) and compares user resumes and skills against job postings to provide valuable insights, job recommendations and similar job titles across different industries.

This ensures every Thrive user is able to find a job they love and receive the support they need to achieve career wellness along their employment journey.

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