Enterprise Solutions

Fully customizable deployments of our platform that scales to support any of your organization's needs.

We're trusted to support job seekers at scale.

Our enterprise solutions
support various deployments such as

Outplacement Solutions


Public Employment Services

An overview of our enterprise solutions

We create solutions to meet your enterprise needs.

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Enterprise-ready security & compliance

Data security is our top priority, and we are actively maintaining effective controls over the entire Thrive Career Wellness Platform system with 3rd party SOC 2 compliance checks.

Learn more about our SOC 2 practices by clicking here.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify the way that Thrive can be accessed with existing credentials or organizational systems for enhanced security.

Custom development for an integrated SSO solution is supported with enterprise deployments of Thrive.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Reduce risks associated with compromised passwords for platform job seekers and admin employees.

The Thrive platform uses passcodes as the standard method of two-factor authentication for access management security.


Thrive utilizes AWS’s Relational Database Service to ensure high availability, redundancy, and security, with user data encrypted at rest and transferred securely.

Amazon server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt Thrive data. The minimum acceptable TLS standard in use is TLS v1.2.

Penetration Testing

As part of the comprehensive approach to maintaining security measures, Thrive proactively manages and engages in annual penetration testing conducted by 3rd party contractors.

Regional Data Residency

Thrive utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy and host the platform on cloud-based infrastructure across the globe, and in compliance with storage and processing requirements for Canada as well as all operating jurisdictions.

Common enterprise deployments

Customize the standard outplacement programs or even offer expanded use-cases.


Enhance the standard Thrive program  with customizations for your unique enterprise outplacement needs.

Our team will work with you throughout the entire process to come up with a solution that can support you and your employees.


Expanded support of the Thrive platform to redeploy employees from one role to another within your organization.

The same best-in-class support as our outplacement programs but geared for upskilling your employees to look for a new role in another business area.

Public employment services

Our solutions can support governments and organizations in the public employment services and workforce development ecosystem.

The platform has supported over 10,000 government-funded job seekers in the past year alone. From direct support, software integrations, and digital delivery transformations - we can help.

Digital Employment Services
Partnerships & Delivery

Digital delivery enablement partnerships to assist service provider staff who are supporting the job seekers + employers.

Direct delivery of employment services support to the end-user is also available, where Thrive is responsible for job seeker engagement and outcomes.

Modular Integrations
Digital Labour Exchange

Modular offering of various Thrive software functionality is made available. Fully customized deployments and integrations into existing/or new government or third party solutions/platforms.

Custom solutions built for your organization's needs.

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