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Thrive is the most user-centric career wellness platform. The focus needs to be on individual's needs, not what someone else thinks they need.

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Thrive is the only platform that gives the individual complete control
over their experience and empowerment of their career.

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Thrive is the answer.

Finding a job is different now, and the Thrive Career Wellness Platform is equipped to help each and every individual.

"I would like to say thank you for all of your services and help. Thrive helped me to get myself prepared for the interviews starting with emotional management and employment insurance. The last time when I applied for the job was 14 years ago and the interview process had been changed significantly. All of you were very efficient and provided professional services."

Anonymous Thrive Participant

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We lead the career services industry in net promoter scores among multiple categories

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User Feedback

Real stories from real users.

We Understand Diversity and Individuality

My coach was extremely helpful and patient with understanding my profile and my professional development needs. Career paths and roles are different and it takes a great coach to understand and respect that. My coach was exceptional in understanding different roles and responsibilities and helped me effectively market my LinkedIn profile and resume. It is phenomenal how insightful the session was. Even through a brief chat, my coach motivated me to get my day organized.

Merchandise Manager, Toronto

Personalized Approach

My coach was very easy to talk to and helpful in making personalized recommendations for how I can get the most value out of Thrive. I am definitely feeling more excited to dive into what I have access to, thanks!

Operations Associate, Toronto

People & Outcome Focused

I started to lose faith in myself and thought that I didn't have the skills to fulfill the duties indicated in the job posting. When I spoke with my coach, we reviewed my background and discussed how my skills woujld benefit the position. This helped me regain my confidence and confidently apply for the role.

Development Officer, Edmonton

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