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HR teams are changing how they manage outplacement and are giving departing employees a competitive advantage with upskilling and reskilling in the first Career Wellness Marketplace

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Thrive is Different

Simplify how your HR Team manages outplacement & give departing employees a competitive advantage with upskilling & reskilling.


You set the price, not us. Job-Seekers can start for as little as $400.


Use one system to support all employees -- hourly to executive.

Upskill & Reskill

Thrive integrates with 4 learning platforms to meet every learning need.

User Choice

Job-Seekers self-select contemporary career transition services to create a personalized experience.

How They Do It

Traditional one size fits all packages are dated and don't work.


Why Doesn't Their Model Work for Job Seekers and Employers?

  • Assumes one program will work for most employees; meaning it doesn't account for individual needs based on experience, tenure, profession, industry, etc.

  • Doesn't allow Job Seekers to reskill for new roles.

  • All Job Seekers are expected to have their learning needs met by one learning solution.

How We Do It

Job Seekers have unique needs & goals, we provide options to meet those needs.


What Advantages does Thrive's Model Offer?

  • Job-Seekers can customize their experience.

  • Multiple learning platforms. There‚Äôs something for every Job-Seeker.

  • Non-traditional services: custom websites, headshots, financial planning, social-media training.

How Does Funding an Account Work?

We keep it super simple. Spend as much or as little as you want on your employees.


Every dollar deposited on Thrive is automatically converted to Tokens.


Tokens are used by the Job Seeker to purchase services.

Featured Services

Thrive partnered with leading service providers to drive unparalleled access to thrive during a job seekers career transition.
Users can select which services are available on the platform and spend their tokens at their pace.

Lets  Connect

Whether you are looking for an immediate solution, or want to learn more about how we can help in the future we are interested in learning about your organizations needs.


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