About Thrive

Our mission is to provide amazing services to people at all stages of their career. Career Wellness is about more than just getting your next job, or even your next promotion. We deeply care about how our users’ career paths and work to ensure they have access to great tools to help them Thrive.

In 2017, CareerJSM built Optimum Talent a powerful career management portal to support their individual clients. The portal was a huge success and went on to be used by Optimum Talent’s partners in Canada, India, Hong Kong, and Norway.

In 2018 CareerJSM and Optimum Talent joined forces again to transform what career transition looks like for employers and employees. The result was Thrive!

Thrive is the first of its kind. It’s a marketplace for outplacement services combined with industry-leading, job-search management tools. It puts the focus back on what’s best for our clients and job-seekers, which is right where we think it should be.

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Jeffrey Doucet

CEO & Co-founder

After working in post-secondary education, Jeffrey became passionate about developing software to help people transition into gainful employment. Frustrated with the quality of software that was available to him and his peers in his undergrad, he got to work with Tristan to enhance the Job Search Management Space.

Tristan Toye

CTO & Co-founder

Tristan is a startup veteran who has been a co-founder of three startups – with one exit. Through consulting with 20+ early to mid stage companies he has developed an incredibly wide range of technical & business acumen. With expertise in front-end design/development and user experience, he is excited to bring great UX to the Career Management space.

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